Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Market Outlook as at May 23, 2012

Finally, let's round up with a quick look at our very own FBMKLCI. The chart looks bearish. The line on the sand is 1530. If that is violated, we could see a repeat of the selldown in August & September 2011. The next two support levels- the psychological level at 1500 & the horizontal line at 1480- will have a tough time once the floodgates are opened.

Chart: FBMKLCI's daily chart as at May 23, 2012 (Source: Quickcharts)


Yen Choon said...


You can try out our Bursa Malaysia Warrant Calculator at:

Hope that you will find it to be useful.

Alex Lu said...

Hi Yen Choon,

That link doesn't seem to work.

You can go to OSK188 to get the latest valuation or Bursa Malaysia for last month end data. The later is outdated but it is good for cross-checking (see links below).

cherng said...

Hi Alex,

Can u write a review of Ivory.. Its share price drop recently until new low 0.49..but it should be deemed attractive right?

Yen Choon said...

Try again. This warrant calculator automatically retrieve the require forex to compute the valuation for foreign warrants.

You can change the underlying stock price or the warrant price to find out the premium.

This is much better that the osk link.

Alex Lu said...

Hi cherng

Ivory has a lot of interesting development or projects & yet its share price keeps sliding. It is in a downtrend since its listing.

For 1Q2012, its net profit was RM3.5 mil on revenue of RM24 mil. Quite dull! Its borrowings is high at RM171 mil as compared to its shareholders' funds of RM220 mil. A lot of capital is tied down in its inventory of RM168 mil. Why is it holding so much inventory? Can the inventory be realized?

It has recently entered into a Purchase & Development Agreement costing RM961 million. Despite the deferred payment agreed upon, the question is whether the company can finance this commitment in the current weaker property market?