Friday, July 26, 2013

Uchitec- next upleg may have started

Technical Outlook

Uchitec has just broken above its horizontal line at RM1.30. In April, it broke above the strong horizontal line at RM1.15. With the latest upside breakout, Uchitec's upleg could well be under way.

Chart 1: Uchitec's daily chart as at July 26, 2013_2.45pm (Source: Quickcharts)

Recent Financial Result

Uchitec QL's net profit took a dive in QE31/3/2013 due to the expiry of the Pioneer Status for its subsidiary, Uchi Optoelectronic (M) SB on Dec 31, 2012. It has applied for Pioneer Status for its new products in September 2012 and it is still awaiting the outcome of that application.

Table 1: Uchitec's last 8 quarterly results

Chart 2: Uchitec's last 30 quarterly results


Uchitec (closed at RM1.35 as at 2:45pm) is now trading at a PE of 15 times (based on annualized EPS of 9.2 sen). While it has been acknowledged as a dividend stock in the past - due to its high dividend payout of 12 sen or a DY of 9% - that may change if the tax rate stays high due to the termination of the Pioneer Status. At the present price, Uchitec is deemed fairly valued. The approval of Pioneer Status for its new products may be a catalyst for a re-rating of the stock.


Despite reasonably attractive valuation, good financial performance (albeit the termination of Pioneer Status and the ensuing jump in the tax rate) and the positive technical breakout, Uchitec could be an interesting stock for a trading BUY.

In addition to the disclaimer in the preamble to my blog, I hereby confirm that I do not have any relevant interest in, or any interest in the acquisition or disposal of, Uchitec.


Goh Ch said...

Dear Alex,

is MFCB worth long term holding?
PE~6, yield ~5%. but price not moving at all

luckystock2 said...

Hi Alex ,
Can you comment on Unisem's latest financial report and also its technical outlook ?

LIM FOO Yee said...

Hi Alex,

What's your comment about HAP SENG CONSOLIDATED?

Thanks for your sharing and information.

Alex Lu said...


HAP SENG is fairly attractive as it trades at a PE of 10 times. Chartwise, it is trying (maybe succeeding) to break above its 2010 high of RM1.95-2.00. If the breakout can sustain, then the stock may see further upside.

Alex Lu said...

Hi luckystock2

Unisem had another loss-making quarter. It has not reported an impressive quarterly result since end 2010. Chartwise, it may test the topside of the overcome downtrend line at RM0.85-0.86. Then it may move sideway until it finds a catalyst to get investors or punters to buy into the stock again. For now, Unisem is a stock lost at sea.

Alex Lu said...

Hi Goh Ch

MFCB has been trading sideway for the past 2 years between RM1.35 & RM1.75. MFCB's earning could have peaked in FY2011 when its net profit was RM75 mil. In FY2012, its net profit dropped to RM57 mil.

Valuation is still attractive, with PE at 7 times and PB at 0.6 time. Dividend payout dropped from 9 sen in FY2011 to 7.1 en in FY2012 but its DY is still reasonable at 4.2%.

Overall, MFCB could be considered an income stock and a good BUY if the share price dipped below RM1.50.

Lisa Wong said...

Hi Alex, what's your comments about TENAGA based on nowadays market situation?

Alex Lu said...

Hi Lisa Wong

TENAGA's failure to stay above the RM9.30 level- which it managed to overcome on July 19- means that the stock could undergo a period of correction. It may find support during this time at the horizontal line at RM8.75 or RM8.60. I expect another attempt at the RM9.30-9.40 level in later part of the year.

TENAGA is enjoying favorable regulatory changes and also favorable raw material price movement (Coal & gas prices are trending lower).

All in all, TENAGA's result will be satisfactory and the share prices are likely to go higher.

Lisa Wong said...

thanks for your comments