Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GLBhd: Bullish Breakout?

In June last year, Golden Land Bhd ('GLBhd') announced the sale of four plantation-based firms and 836.1ha oil palm land in Sabah to Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV) for RM655million cash. For more, go here.

It intends to distribute RM190.3 million to its shareholders which translates into a special dividend of RM0.13 plus a capital repayment of RM0.75 per share. The distribution of RM190.3 million represents 43% of the net sale proceeds of RM444 million while the balance will be used for the plantation and property development business (43%), working capital (10%) and estimated expenses (4%). With the bulk of its operation sold, GLBhd will have to rebuild itself. For more, go here.

Charwise, this stock has been trapped in a large symmetrical triangle, ABC for about 10 months. It has a bullish breakout above the triangle at RM1.57-1.58. MACD has entered positive territory and +DMI is rising (while -DMI is declining and ADX is trending higher). The stock is likely to commence its upleg soon.

Based on the technical breakout only, GLBhd could be a trading BUY.

Chart: GLBhd's daily chart as at Mar 15, 2016_12.00pm (Source:

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