Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sign: Poorer Earnings (UPDATED)

Results Update
For QE31/3/2016, Sign's net profit dropped 11% q-o-q or 63% y-o-y to RM5.0 million while revenue dropped by 0.5% q-o-q or 38% y-o-y to RM55 million. Revenue dropped q-o-q as a result  of lower project revenue recognized from Kitchen & Wardrobe segment. PBT dropped 13% q-o-q mainly due to lower project profits recognized.

Table: Sign's last 8 quarterly results (Adjusted for a share split of 1-to-2 done in April 2016)

Chart 1: Sign's last 33 quarterly results

Financial Position

As at 31/3/2016, Sign's financial position is deemed adequate. Current ratio stood at 1.9X while total liabilities to equity stood at 0.8x. Receivable increased from RM71 million to RM119 million but its debtors' collection period improved from 172 days to 150 days.


Sign (closed at RM1.11 yesterday) is now trading at a trailing PE of 13.7 6.9 times (based on last 4 quarters' EPS of 8.1 16.2 sen). At this PER, Sign is deemed fairly attractively valued.

(Note: The post is updated to account for the share split of 1-to-2 carried out after the latest quarterly report).

Technical Outlook

Sign broke below its uptrend line, SS at RM1.10 in August last year (see Chart 2). Since then it has been moving within a downward channel (see Chart 3). 3 weeks ago, Sign showed signs of recovery. Its weekly MACD has almost gone above the zero line while ADX has gone above the 20-mark. Sign looks poised for its next upleg.

Chart 2: Sign's monthly chart as at May 24, 2016_10.00am (Source:

Chart 3: Sign's weekly chart as at May 24, 2016_10.00am (Source:


Based on satisfactory financial performance & position, fairly attractive valuation and mildly bullish technical outlook, Sign's rating is revised from a SELL to a HOLD BUY (a slow buy...).
In addition to the disclaimer in the preamble to my blog, I hereby confirm that I do not have any relevant interest in, or any interest in the acquisition or disposal of, Sign.


InvestSmart said...

Hi Alex, how about Thong Guan?

Thank you

invertebrate said...

Think there's a share split recently. The last 4 qtr eps should be halved.

Alex Lu said...

Hi invertebrate

Thank you for the heads up on the recent share split. The data has been amended accordingly.

Alex Lu said...

Hi InvestSmart

I will look at Thong Guan later. The quarterly results are piling up.

Alex Lu said...

Hi InvestSmart

Thong Guan's latest result (QE31/3/2016) was weaker than the immediate preceding quarter (QE31/12/2015). NP dropped 16% q-o-q to RM13 million on the back of a 8%-decline in revenue to RM180 million. However, NP grew 182% y-o-y on the back of a 12%-increase in revenue. TGuan suffered for 3 quarters (QE30/9/2014 to QE31/3/2015) due to a variety of reasons such as weaker demand, lower volume rebates, forex losses & provision for doubtful debts.

As the share price had rallied quite significantly to a high of RM3.50 in September-December 2015, the weaker performance in the latest quarter could be an excuse for some profit-taking. Thus TGuan could be a trading SELL at RM3.30-3.40 but a slow BUY at RM2.90-3.00.

Good luck.