Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Adenan Satem: A True Malaysian Leader

I'm deeply saddened by the sudden demise of Sarawak Chief Minister, Adenan Satem. In his brief rule as the Head of the Sarawak State Government, Adenan has shown us what it takes to be a leader in a progressive multi-racial, multi-religious society.

When you lead the Government, you are no longer the leader of your party or your coalition or your race. You have transcended to be the father of the state or the nation. As a father, you must act with fairness towards everyone. Many of our leaders failed in this test. They failed because they bowled to the pressure & the heat from their party, their coalition & their people and, thus, were unable to do the right thing for all the people and the state or the nation. If Malaysia ever hopes to progress as a developed nation - with a united citizenry - we must find more leaders like Adenan Satem.

Thank you, Adenan Satem. May your soul find eternal peace!

Via Malaysiakini

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