Saturday, February 18, 2017

MalaysiaStock.Biz Charting Feature

As you know, I am a believer in technical analysis for both short-term trading and long-term investing. I don’t rely solely on technical analysis to make my calls. I normally support my long-term calls with fundamental analysis and occasionally I would make trading calls based on market observations.

I subscribe to the classical school of technical analysis which doesn't digress too far from Dow’s basic tenets on technical analysis. I support my technical analysis with a few technical indicators, such as moving average, MACD, ADX, Stochastic and RSI.

I believe that traders and investors can survive on simple charting tools- like what you can get from many free online charts. When I first started publishing my articles in nexttrade in 2006, I used Quickcharts because it came together with Kenanga’s trading platform that was provided by N2N. After Kenanga switched the trading platform provider to Excel Force, I migrated to a free online charting website, Tradesignum.

Two years ago, I started using charting tools from ShareInvestor which is a subscription-based financial data provider. Lately I has starting using the free online charting features of MalaysiaStock.Biz.

As a subscription-based service, ShareInvestor provides financial and market data, including charts for all the stocks & indices on Bursa Malaysia, Bursa Derivatives and 8 global stock markets. Its most basic package, ShareInvestor Webpro costs about RM288 per annum (here) and it gives you access to financial data and charts for all Malaysia stocks. The data stretches back to 1977 for FBMKLCI or 1987 for stocks.

As a free online chart program, MalaysiaStock.Biz’s charting has 10-year data which is sufficient for most technical analysis. However, its list of indices is rather short, with only one index: FBMKLCI. What I like most about MalaysiaStock.Biz’s charting feature is that it allows me to save up my study on a particular chart in a link, which I can then embed into my post so that my readers will see my study. 

MalaysiaStock.Biz has placed an advertisement on nexttrade (just below the header). Some of the features of MalaysiaStock.Biz charting feature which I may find useful are:
1) Intra-day stock price update
2) A broad range of  technical indicators (60 all in)
3) 10 years market data
4) Share prices are adjusted for all the dividend and other entitlement news such as issue bonus, share split and etc.

I would recommend that you try out MalaysiaStock.Biz chart. You can do so by go to this link:

If you like to find out some of the useful tips.