Wednesday, September 27, 2017

YTLPOWER: Who's Afraid Of Dividend?!

I was getting ready to post on YTLPower dividend play for the past few days. I held back after seeing what happened to Star right after its dividend entitlement went ex. That plus the non-action in KPJ's 1-to-5 share split seem to suggest that the market is non-responsive to management reward- a big change from the days of over-enthusiastic response we had seen in 6 months ago.

Nonetheless the logic behind YTLPower dividend play remains. In the chart below, I have listed down the past 3 years dividend payout and the upcoming payout in early September. Past dividend payouts had been announced in late August & carried out in October. The current one will go ex on October 24, and it consists of a 5-sen dividend and a treasury share distribution of 1-for-50. If you valued the Treasury share at RM1.37 each, the entire dividend will be worth about RM77 (or 7.7 sen per share).

Note the following:
1) YTLPower share price has dropped ahead of the current dividend
2) YTLPower is now trading at the uptrend line support

So, the plan is to own the stock in order to get the 7.7 sen dividend and the possible rebound in the share price of about 15-sen towards the upper line, RR.

Chart: YTLPower's weekly chart as at Sep 27, 2017_4.15 (Source:

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MJ said...

Hi Alex, I am an avid follower of your blog. On utility dividend play, what do you think of Malakoff, the only thing I don’t like about ytlpower is that they still have their Yes Telco...