Thursday, July 05, 2018

Hohup-WA: What's UP?!

Hohup-wa (now at RM0.125) is one of the top volume security traded today. This warrant has the following terms:
Exercise price: RM0.60
Expiry date: December 21, 2018 (169 days)
Conversion ratio: 1-to-1
As Hohup is now trading at only RM0.515, Hohup-wa is out-the-money. The entire amount of the warrant price of RM0.125 is conversion premium, and this will slowly decay over the next 169 days. Be careful if you choose to get into Hohup-wa.

Chart 1: Hohup-wa's daily chart as at July 5, 2018_4.40pm (Source:

Chart 2: Hohup's daily chart as at July 5, 2018_4.40pm (Source:

Note: I spoke about this in a BURSA MALAYSIA webinar entitled Warrant 101 on July 3. The first trap to avoid in trading warrant is a warrant exactly like Hohup-wa.


luckystock2 said...

Hi , Alex ! Can you comment on SOP and MKH technical and fundamental outlook ? Thank you !

Alex Lu said...

Hi luckystock2

Both stocks are at pretty strong support level.

You can draw a line connecting the high for MKH from 2000 to 2011- capping its upside in that 10 years period. This line should act now act as a support for the stock at RM1.30.

SOP is now testing the horizontal line at RM3.00. That's the tentative uptrend long-term line for the stock.

MKH's profits have recovered somewhat for the past 2 quarters while SOP's profits are still declining in the past 4 quarters. the continued weak performance for SOP is attributed to lower FFB production and palm products average realized prices.

SOP (at RM2.96) is deemed fairly valued based on PER of 8.5 times. Same goes for MKH (at RM1.39) which has a PER of 9.5 times.

I would rate both as long-term BUYs.