Thursday, March 21, 2019

PBBank: Another Banking Stock Took a Knock

PBBank Maybank is down 54 sen to RM23.92 as at 11:59am. From the monthly chart, we can see that the MACD has curved down this month. With the exception of the MACD cross-under in 2011, past few bearish signals have brought PBBank share price to at least its 40-month SMA line. If the same were to happen this time, PBBank may touch RM21.00. I think it is advisable to avoid PBBank for now.

Chart: PBBank's monthly chart as at Mar 21, 2019_11.40am (Source:


Safety First 安全第一 said...

LGE that day said already. He want banks to release loans more conveniently. That means Banks will have to take more risk in lending. Avoid Banking stocks.

YC Chai said...

Instead of trying to stabilize the financial market, LGE is doing the opposite. I begin to wonder if he has want it takes to do the job.