Tuesday, November 13, 2007

CWs for HK stocks as at November 12

Today, we have the listing of one new CW, i.e. MTR-C1, which is a Non-collateralised European-style Cash-settled Call Warrant and it was issued by CIMB.

The prices of CWs for the stocks listed in Hong Kong Exchange is currently undergoing heavy correction, in line with the on-going correction in Hong Kong & China. The valuation given by the table below should be viewed strictly as a rough guide. One should not buy a CW just because it has a low premium. Before buying any CWs, one must make an assessment of the future performance of the underlying share.

As usual, the new CW is highlighted in blue; the CWs expiring in January are highlighted in dark green; the CWs with premium of less than 4% (highlighted in light green) and those with premium exceeding 10% (highlighted in pink).

I have also highlighted the stock code of CHMERCH-C1 in orange because I have made a mistake in the stock code for the underlying share of this CW. Previously, I have stated that the stock code as 133, whereas the correct code is 144.

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