Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Maybank's uptrend continued

Maybank has just broken above its symmetrical triangle at RM6.80. It has also surpassed its August 5 high of RM6.86. As at 11.45 am this morning, it was trading at RM6.94. This is the third bullish breakout of a continuation pattern since the stock recovery begun in March this year. I have denoted this pattern as "C" and the earlier patterns as "A" and "B".

Chart: Maybank's daily chart as at Oct 13, 2009 (Source: Tradesignum)

Besides buying into Maybank, you can also consider the CWs. From the table below, you can choose from 4 CWs. My preference is for Maybank-CJ and Maybank-CK.

Table: Maybank's CWs terms & valuation

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Unknown said...

Hi Eric,

Can you guide me how to calculate Maybank-CK during the settlement ??Please giving me an example for further explain.