Thursday, October 04, 2012

Packaging industry in the spotlight

The news of Scientx's acquiring GWPlast points the way forward for those who like to stay invested in the consumer sector. As mentioned before, many consumer stocks are trading at lofty valuation and investors are inclined to get into the feeder industries that serve the consumer sector. One such industry would be the packaging industry.

We can see from Chart 1 the strong move in GWPlast. This chart is for display only as it is too late to get into this stock.

Chart 1: GWPlast's weekly chart as at Oct 4, 2012_11.00am (Source: Quickcharts)

Chart 2 shows the chart of Daiboci. As the stock has broken above its recent high at RM2.28, it can continue to rise.

Chart 2: Daiboci's weekly chart as at Oct 4, 2012_11.00am (Source: Quickcharts)

Finally, Tomypak! This stock is capped by its recent high at RM1.13. If it can surpass that level, it may revisit its high of July 2010 of RM1.34. Can that happen? We will have to wait & see.

Chart 3: Tomypakt's weekly chart as at Oct 4, 2012_11.00am (Source: Quickcharts) 

In addition to the disclaimer in the preamble to my blog, I hereby confirm that I do not have any relevant interest in, or any interest in the acquisition or disposal of, GWPlast, Daiboci & Tomypak.


富升 said...

Hi Alex Good morning!
Do you have fundamental analysis on Tomypak?


Billy Teo said...

Hi Alex,

What's your view on Tomypak?

Fundamental & technical view.


Alex Lu said...

Hi 富升 & Billy Teo

Tomypak's annualized EPS for FY2012 is about 16.5 sen. At RM1.10, it is trading at 6.7 times. Its DY is about 6.4%- very good.

Financial position is good, with current ratio at 2.1 times & gearing ratio at 0.25 time as at 30/6/2012.

It is a good stock to long-term investment.

Billy Teo said...

Hi Alex,

Recently there was a report from Kenanga on Tomypak. Seems like current price is super undervalue. And once again it try to break the resistance of 1.16. The MA 20 and 50 show sign of uptrend. Am I right?


Alex Lu said...

Hi Billy Teo

The resistance is about RM1.15-1.17. If it can clear that level, its upleg will continue.