Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FB- base formation completed

FB has completed its base formation. It has closed the gap at USD26.80. The next move above the USD26.80, will be the start of its upleg. Based on the positive outlook, FB could be a good trading BUY.

Chart: FB's daily chart as at Nov 27, 2012 (Source: Stockcharts)


Stanley said...

Hi Alex, would you mind comment on Puncak. The last 3 quarter, earning per share were 55 cents but the price has not moved. Is it good for medium term investment ?

Ivan said...

Congra. . .make a right call in FB.

Any idea about Genting singapore?
after Genting Bhd and Genting Msia posted? TQVM

Alex Lu said...

Hi Stanley

Puncak has pretty good result, with EPS of 55 sen for 9-month ended 30/9/2012. But the market seems to think that the result did not matter. The only reason is that the market does not believe that Puncak's earning will translate to cash as the State of Selangor will not pay for the higher water rate.

All this will change if BN win in Selangor.