Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Portfolio Tracking

Portfolio tracking is one of the most important things that investors must do in order to succeed. By tracking your portfolio, you will know the followings:
1. How is your portfolio performing?
2. What's happening to your stocks in term of financial performance, etc?
3. Is there any corporate exercise or dividend payment in the next few months?
4. Is your portfolio concentrated in any particular sector?

Most stockbroking firm with online trading platform would have a portfolio function built-in. However, I find that there are two websites that offer good portfolio function which you can consider. They are klse.i3investor & Malaysiastock. I will highlight their features for your consideration.

I. klse.i3investor

You can either set up a TRANSACTION portfolio or a WATCHLIST portfolio. Let's go with a TRANSACTION portfolio with a capital of say RM100,000. You key in the cash investment of RM100000 and all the stocks you owned. Once that's done, you can see your stock holdings, like Diagram 1 below. Try out the FUNDAMENTAL & TECHNICAL functions.

Diagram 1: Portfolio stock holdings on klse.i3investor website

If you page down, you will see your stock allocation. See Diagram 2. 

Diagram 2: Portfolio stock allocation on klse.i3investor website

On the stock holding table (as per Diagram 1), you will notice that if you click on the individual stock, you will go to a page dedicated to that stock. You will see the stock chart, overview, research, headlines, etc. See Diagram 3 below.

Diagram 3: Individual stock information on klse.i3investor website

II. Malaysiastock

The portfolio function for this website is simpler. It does not deduct the cash outlay from the initial capital. you have to adjust that on your own.

Diagram 41: Portfolio stock holdings on malaysiastock website

It provides fundamental analysis for individual stocks but no technical analysis. It may not be a deal breaker since the TECHNICAL function for klse.i3investor is very basic. Nonetheless, if you slowly get used to klse.i3investor's TECHNICAL function, you may find different usage for the moving average lines. For example, you may use them as a level to take profit or cut cost loss or make next entry into to the stock. So, the function available in Malaysiastock is less than klse.i3investor but they can be seen in one glance.

Diagram 52: Portfolio stocks' summarized information on malaysiastock website

Like klse.i3investor, if you click on individual stock, you will see more information on that stock. Again, everything is available in one quick glance here but what's available is less than klse.i3investor.

Diagram 63: Individual stock information on malaysiastock website

There are pros and cons between the 2 websites. You have to try them out for yourself to see which one is more suitable to your needs.

I have started a portfolio for my readers and customers, which I've named the Nexttrade Recovery portfolio. You can find it at the bottom, left-hand side of the page. I had always avoided setting up a portfolio because I do not want to be tied down to any particular stock. If you are tied down to a stock, you would develop emotional attachment to it and your call might be affected. However, some readers and customers had written in to ask for my latest stock picks. After much thought, I decided to give it a try. I have decided on a portfolio for a recovery play for a short period of 1-3 months. At the end of that period, the market would have either rallied higher or stalled and dropped back. The stocks that I've picked for this portfolio are from my September and October postings only.


Lydia Lim said...

Why is the portfolio I set up different from the one posted? Do we hv to sign up as client to assess that portfolio facilities?

steve said...

klse.i3investor will automatically update our portfolio if there is any share split, bonus issue etc.? And it will also update automatically the dividend?

Alex Lu said...

Hi Lydia Lim,

Can you send my a screenshot of your portfolio. You can "blank-out/cover" your stocks and quantities. I will take this up with the administrator.

Alex Lu said...

Hi steve

I am not sure about that. I think it probably does not make such adjustments.

Lydia Lim said...

Hi Alex thanks for yr reply. I am figuring out how to attached the screenshot here in the blog. Not too good, my first time.

Lydia Lim said...

Hi Alex thanks for yr reply. I am figuring out how to attached the screenshot here in the blog. Not too good, my first time.

Alex Lu said...

Hi Lydia Lim

You have a choice of selecting "Watchlist" to track your selected stocks or "Transaction" to set up the portfolio for your stocks. This will clearly be displayed once you clicked on "Add New Watchlist or Portfolio".

If you have problem, please drop me an email at