Thursday, June 08, 2017

SCABLE: Here We Go Again?

Yesterday, SCABLE finally broke above the “horizontal line” at RM1.18 (see Chart 1). In the past 2 occasions when the stock had a similar upside breakout, we saw the share price rallied to the preceding high. If the current breakout can develop into a strong rally, SCABLE may repeat the feat of touching its preceding high of RM1.80 (see Chart 2).

As such, SCABLE (now trading at RM1.23) could be a good stock for a medium-term trade. If the anticipated rally does not pan out, we were not be too badly off as the stock is still trading not far from its bottom of RM1.10. The reward to risk proposition is attractive as the upside of about 60 sen while the downside is a bit over 10 sen. Good luck                       

 Chart 1: SCABLE's daily chart as at Jun 7, 2017 (Source:

Chart 2: SCABLE's weekly chart as at Jun 7, 2017 (Source:

By the way, I appended below the recent financial performance of SCABLE. It is underwhelming!

Graph: SCABLE's last 18 quarters' result

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Phish said...

Hi Alex,

I followed your TA and bought in at 1.23 and now it has tanked to 1.09. I'm a bit of a crossroads now as was thinking this stock is for mid to long term trade.

Should i cut lost now or continue to hold longer?

Thanks so much.