Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dialog & Perisai- poised to break above the downtrend line

Two O&G stocks that are pressing against their downtrend line and poised for a breakout are Perisai & Dialog. Dialog's breakout level will be at RM2.45-2.47 while Perisai's breakout level is at RM0.90-0.92. As at 4.45pm, Perisai will probably close above the breakout level while Dialog will close at the downtrend line. If there is follow through for Perisai, that stock is good for a trading BUY. The same goes for Dialog

Chart 1: Perisai's daily chart as at July 19, 2012_4.45pm (Source: quickcharts)

Chart 2: Dialogi's daily chart as at July 19, 2012_4.45pm (Source: quickcharts)


Jason Lim said...

Found your blog and analysis always consistent and not too fancy. I like the way you analyse your stuff. Not biased and leaving the reader with rooms for his own decision and intepretation. Good job.
I'm not a remisier, nor any financial analyst. I'm just an ordinary engineer based in Sarawak.

Alex Lu said...

Hi Jason Lim,

Thank you. I hope that it has been useful in your investment decision-making.

David Chan said...

HI Alex,

Look like Perisai doesn't have the momentum to push upward. Should i sell it ?

Unknown said...

Bought Perisai quite sometime at 87 sen. Still having it.