Monday, November 16, 2015

Live Webinar: Stock Selection Using Fundamental Analysis (UPDATED)

KC Lau has invited me to do a webinar for his listeners. He is the publisher of KCLau, a website that specializes on all matters relating to personal finance. I have chosen to speak on the topic of stock selection. If you are interested to listen to my presentation, you can register here. The webinar will be on from 10:00-11:00am tomorrow (November 17).

For those who like to listen to the webinar, you can go to:

The full replay is for about 7 days, and it will be taken down after 24 November.
You can also download a copy of the video here:


Buyer said...

Hi Alex, appreciate if u could record it down
Interested to join but clash with appointment

Ivan said...

TQVM for your sharing. What is your view on Bumi Armada? TQ

Unknown said...

hi Alex,

just listened to you online . very useful and informative content !

thank you very much !

KJ said...

Excellent presentation. Easy to understand and a must knowledge for every stock investor. Will be following your blog. Thank you.

Tony Thian said...

Hi Alex,

Just listen to you online,
thanks for providing such an informative session.

J said...

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the information in webinar just now. I appreciate it.

Yogi said...

Thank you very much. Appreciate it. Should do on a regular basis, and ideally to record it as well. God bless. B rgds

william ng said...

Hi Alex,
Thanks for conducting the webinar session.It was a very informative one and hope there will be more in the future.Keep up the good work,Alex.Thanks.

Dennis said...

Thanks Alex for the wonderful sharing.

Looking forward for your TA sharing (Hopefully)

chlee100 said...

I attended your webinar just now. A lot of good stuff. Thank you

Yunus said...

Dear Alex,

Gained valuable knowledge about investing in stocks from your webinar just now!
Thank you and do appreciate your time to share such knowledge.

For the charts presented, in my opinion the trends will be quickly apparent if the x-axis showed the years as ascending (going from left to right of the scale) i.e. past to present (versus present to past)


Cm Foo said...

Hi Alex,

Thank you very much on your sharing. It was very precise and useful informative on stock selection using FA. Thanks again.

dhylis yong said...

Dear Alex,

Thank you for sharing your professional review . It was indeed a very fruitful presentation. Cheers !

lai said...

alex, may i have your autographs? haha

Andy Loh said...

Dear Alex,
Thanks for your webinar, much appreciated.

Ks said...

Hi Alex, is there a recording of the presentation for ppl that missed it. Thnx

Alex Lu said...

Dear all,

I am glad that you enjoyed my presentation. My hope is that it has been beneficial to you. For those who missed it, KC Lau had earlier promised me with a recording of the webinar. I hope he can upload it somewhere and provide the link to me. When I have it, I will post an update here.

Thank you again for tuning in.

Ling KH said...

Hi Alex,
I attended your webinar organised by KC Lau and just like to jot down here my appreciation to you on your sharing.
Thank you so much!

MYY said...

Just listened, 👍🏻 followed your blog since beginning :)