Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Transaction in Nexttrade Recovery Portfolio

Today, I bought 2 stocks for the portfolio, i.e. 10000 Spritzer at RM1.95 and 20000 Bonia at RM0.745. The portfolio holdings and allocation are shown below:

The holdings of Nexttrade Recovery Portfolio

The allocation of Nexttrade Recovery Portfolio

Our initial capital as at October 13, 2015 of RM100,000 has grown to RM106, 154.

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Andrew Lee said...

Hi Alex

Nice call on Teoseng. I wanted to add that share in my portolio however there were other stocks that already ate up my cash reserve. I benefited from Pohuat as of today's rise in share price.

If possible, please do a cover on Pohuat.

Thank you.

Andrew Lee