Friday, October 13, 2017

HoHup: An Easy Rally!

A few weeks back, I discussed with a client about the successful launch of Malton's The Park 2 Pavilion in Bukit Jalil. This is the project which Hohup is entitled to a 18% share of the gross development value. In addition, Hohup has an adjoining piece of land measuring 10 acres. Thus I rated Hohup as a cheap proxy to ride on growing demand for Bukit Jalil area. Unlike Malton which rose from RM0.90 to RM1.10, Hohup declined from RM0.80 to below RM0.70. Today Hohup announced that it will not go ahead with its Rights Issue to raise fund for its construction & property development business. Under normal circumstances, that would be a bad news. In the present market, it is not. Hohup rose from RM0.67 to RM0.71 as at 4.10pm.

Looking at  the charts below, Hohup can be a good stock to consider for a recovery play. It is trading at the long-term uptrend line, with support just below RM0.70 (see Chart 2). If it can recruit enough buying support, it may even put in a short rally to test the upper line of the downward channel at RM0.85 (see Chart 1).

Chart 1: Hohup's daily chart as at Oct 13, 2017_4.00pm (Source:

Chart 2: Hohup's weekly chart as at Oct 13, 2017_4.00pm (Source:

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