Monday, October 09, 2017

SKPRES: Next Upleg Beckons?

Result Update

In QE30/6/2017, SKPRES's net profit rose marginally by 1% q-o-q or 83% y-o-y to RM33 million while revenue was mixed, down 11% q-o-q but up 64% y-o-y to RM525 million. Revenue dropped q-o-q mainly due to lower sales recorded in June 2017 as a result of Hari Raya festive holidays. Despite the sharp drop in revenue, PBT dropped only marginally by 1.4% as a result of improved margin due to operational efficiency. (Note: SKPRES's result was announced on August 25.)

Table: SKPRES's last 8 quarterly results

Graph: SKPRES's last 37 quarterly results

Financial Position

As at 30/6/2017, SKPRES's financial position is deemed fairly satisfactory with good current ratio at 1.76x but slightly elevated gearing ratio at 0.92x. (Note: SKPRES's gearing ratio is no worse off when compared to VS's gearing ratio of 1.27x as at 31/7/2017. These EMS groups are doing a roaring business which is very taxing on its capital.)


SKPRES (closed at RM1.58 yesterday) is now trading at a PER of 15 times (based on last 4 quarters' EPS of 10.01 sen). Its PEG ratio is 0.4x (based on last 2 years' earning CAGR of 35%). As such, SKPRES is deemed fairly attractive for a growth stock.

Technical Outlook

SKPRES is now testing its recent high of RM1.58. If it can break above level, SKPRES can commence on its next upleg.

Chart 1: SKPRES's weekly chart as at Oct 6, 2017 (Source:

Chart 2: SKPRES's monthly chart as at Oct 6, 2017 (Source:


Based on good financial performance, attractive valuation for a growth stock & potentially bullish technical outlook, SKPRES could be a good stock to consider for investment.


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