Thursday, October 12, 2017

Topglov & Harta: Upside Breakout

Topglov and Harta have both broken above their downtrend line. In both cases, the upside breakout was followed by strong rally on substantial volume. For Topglov, the breakout level was at RM5.70 and, for Harta, it was at RM7.00. Since Kossan and Supermx have not witnessed similar upside move, I suspect there is a joint development involving Topglov and Harta. Could it be a merger of these companies? Only time will tell...

Chart 1: Harta's daily chart as at Oct 12, 2017_4.00 (Source:

Chart 1: Topglov's daily chart as at Oct 12, 2017_4.00 (Source:

Based on the bullish breakout, Topglov and Harta are possible trading BUY. Good luck.

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