Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Taliwrk: Finally She Blows?!

Taliwrk has been pressing against the resistance from the horizontal line at RM1.55 for nearly one & a half year. Besides the fake breakout in November 2015, Taliwrk has always failed to cross this line. Today, it may finally have overcome this resistance. If it can stay above the RM1.55 level, it may continue to go higher, possibly touching a high of RM1.90-2.00. (Note: More details may follow later.)

Chart: Taliwork's weekly chart as at Mar 8, 2017_12.00pm (Source: MalaysiaStock.Biz)

Based on technical breakout, Taliwrk could be a good trading BUY.

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Heng said...

hi Alex,
Good day!

Can you comment on MSC current price of RM3.61 and the financial result?
Pls advice.


Alex Lu said...

Hi heng,

For QE31/12/2016, MSC's net profit dropped 68% q-o-q to RM5.5 million while revenue rose 8% to RM350 million. For FY2016, MSC reported a net profit of RM37.5 million from a net loss of RM4.8 million last year.

MSC's performance tracks the movement in tin price. You can see from tin futures dropped in last month. This has caused tin futures to break its uptrend line support at USD21100 a tonne. Tin futures managed to find support at the horizontal line at USD19000. (For the chart, go to

MSC broke its uptrend line at RM4.00 in late January. It moved sideways in a descending triangle for a while. In late February, it broke below the lower line of the triangle at RM3.90 and settled now at RM3.60. (For the chart, go to

MSC's financial & share price performance depend on the movement of tin prices. For now, tin prices or futures look bearish. It is advisable to REDUCE YOUR POSITION in this stock.